Algarve Hotels
The Lake Resort & Hotel  

The 5-star Lake Resort and Hotel is located in the heart of Vilamoura, Europe's premier golf and leisure destination in the Algarve, on the sunshine southern coast of Portugal.

Vilamoura is known worldwide for its active environmental policies, and is unique in boasting coveted ISO certification for its five golf courses, international marina and beautiful beach.

Vilamoura's marina - the largest in Portugal - with an abundance of boutiques, shops, restaurants and cafés with espalanades and international casino are all just a short stroll away.

There are a number of five-star hotels in the Algarve, but The Lake Resort is unique. It has a very clear philosophy - HUMAN - NATURE - HISTORY - DREAMS - and every aspect of the resort is designed to reflect one or more elements of that philosophy.

Here is an acknowledgement of Portugal's proud past, when its brave explorers opened routes to previously unknown parts of the world, paving the way for an exchange of cultures, products and experiences. Here is a tribute to Portugal's traditional crafts, which are woven into the very fabric of the local lifestyle.